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Fridge Cleaning Tips for Perfect Results in Croydon

18May 2015

fridge cleaning
Cleaning out your fridge in Croydon can be such a bind and may seem like a massive task. However, it is an essential part of keeping your house clean and it can be quick and simple if you follow this handy guide.

empty the fridge
1)    Preparation

Empty absolutely everything onto the work surface of your kitchen in Croydon, CR0. As you are emptying the fridge, check to see if anything is past its use-by date and throw this out to prevent loading that back in to be forgotten and go mouldy. If possible, switch off the fridge. This is purely a habit of safety when dealing with cleaning fluids and electrics.

cleaning services
2) Cleaning

Fill a bowl with warm water and add a teaspoon of washing up detergent. Do it this way to reduce foaming. You do not need any fancy fridge cleaning soaps. This does the job perfectly every time. Wipe down all surfaces including the back, sides and doors of the fridge. Pay particular attention to the rubber door seals; these seem to attract crumbs quickly and can harbour mould because of it. Take out any vegetable drawers and wash them in your sink using more of the same warm water and washing up liquid mixture. Leave them to air dry. Using paper towels to dry them is ok, but using tea towels can put germs back on the trays which will then go back into your fridge in CR0 and could cause your fruits and vegetables to spoil more quickly.

restock your fridge
3) Restocking

Once the fridge has air dried you may switch it back on. Near the back of the fridge, place an egg cup containing some baking powder. This helps to keep the fridge free from odours and also helps to absorb any extra moisture. Remember it is there though; otherwise you may knock it over at a later date. Get a fresh bowl of water and washing up liquid. Wipe the sides, tops and bottoms of all jars and pots. This removes all bacteria. Starting at the very top shelf of your fridge, stack them up. On the next shelf you will place dairy and cooked meat. All cooked meat should always be kept above raw meat as raw meat can drip onto cooked meat, contaminating it and giving the person who eats it a very bad food poisoning. On the shelf below the dairy and cooked meats, put all uncooked meats, including bacons. Replace all vegetables and other produce into the vegetable drawers. Place hard vegetables like potatoes below soft ones like tomatoes. If you put the produce in the main part of the fridge it will age more quickly and go limp so it’s always best to use the vegetable drawer. In the door of the fridge go milk, fruit juices and eggs, if you choose to keep yours in the fridge. It is not essential to keep eggs in the fridge if you use eggs frequently to cook with. If so, you can keep your eggs in a cooler place in your kitchen in CR2, for example, not under the window sill where it tends to be warmer and the sun shines in and not next to the oven where it gets hot. Choose a spot like a work surface or shelf away from appliances. If, however, it takes you a while to use your eggs, they can be safely stored in your fridge for up to three weeks giving you a little longer to use them. Close the fridge door and wipe it down, paying particular care to clean the handle area thoroughly.

cleaning agencies
4) Cleaning Agencies

Many cleaning agencies will offer a fridge cleaning service in Croydon. If you don’t think you can handle the job yourself or you want to dedicate your spare time to more important things, you can easily hire a cleaning contractor to handle this task for you at an affordable price.

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